At ARTbyedition you can commission work from one of your favourite artist in our portfolio. You can discuss directly with the artist your thoughts and vision for this unique piece. The artist will then take your influences and in their unique style interpret this vision on canvas. Once this piece has been created ARTbyedition will then produce an exclusive production run of this exciting piece you have commissioned, which we then market and sell on your behalf, giving you the chance to recoup your initial investment.

For example: - Commissioned art cost 5000. On completion of the work artbyedition produce a very exclusive limited edition run from 50 to 199 prints, offered to the market at 195 each. After production costs, you receive 30%, which is approximately 55, giving you a unique way to recoup your original investment

We have a dedicated sales and marketing team who promote the limited artbyedition prints to corporate clients as well as individual collectors.

However you will always own the original!

Commissioning your own unique piece of art?


Mel Burgum